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What is Clixsy™?

Clixsy™ is not merely an SEO firm.  SEO is a process of the past and things have evolved on the Internet.  Have you evolved along with new technologies and systems?  We perform UXO (User Experience Optimization) services to drive customers and leads.  Google measures and monitors the user’s experience, why should’t you?  Clixsy is a Digital Marketing Agency with a Philosophy that is very different. We don’t believe there is value in charging our clients for time spent working, effort involved, or “production”. Our philosophy is that the only thing that matters is producing revenue.




The team at Clixsy™ is made up of actual business owners, who have know what it means to make a payroll, and have to make a profit to live. We understand that at the end of the day, the only thing YOU want is to know that your marketing is growing your bottom line.

  • White Label Design to promote your company
  • Automated Client Information Intake Process
  • Weekly ranking reports for both SEO and Local Listings
  • Password and Account management
  • Citation Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Tools Content Management

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manOne of the biggest problems with managing local marketing is staying connected with your customer. If they don’t hear from you often, they assume you are doing nothing for them and quickly leave. However with great reporting and communication tools, it’s easy to stay in contact with them. This leads to higher retention rate and greater customer satisfaction.

Want more referrals? Keep your customers happy! You can do this by ranking them better than ever. Our tools allow you to manage both their local marketing and their organic rankings. Keep track of all of their social media and local directory accounts…even if you have multiple identities that you use for that company.

Get a higher ROI by being able to manage more clients for each marketing manager. Instead of only managing 6-10 clients…manage 20-30 clients with just as much effort. More managed clients will allow your profit margins to skyrocket, and your customer retention will be higher as well.

Land more clients using our white labeled local marketing blueprint poster, client acquisition training, and professional customer analysis reporting. Give your potential clients confidence and all the information they need to make the decision to trust you with their marketing dollars.